Presidents Newsletter – April 2018

On behalf of the officers and the Training Committee of the Badger Firefighters Association, we apologize to those that were inconvenienced by the cancellation of the Billy Goldfeder-Live in Wisconsin.  Billy has some very important family issues that need to be resolved and the only day he can get this addressed is Friday the 13th of April.

We have fulfilled the instruction and hand-on Basic Rapid Intervention Team training for 40 participants.  We are trying to put together another date, probably fall, for another exciting, challenging day of training of Basic R.I.T.  If someone has a house/building that would be advantageous to use for Advance R.I.T., let me, your president or a member of the Training Committee know.

Have you sent your nominations in for Meritorious Service, Heroism, Retired Chief Officers, 50 year awards?  Please get these nominations into President Ron Naab [P.O. Box 362; Allenton, WI  53002 or badgerpres@gmail.com].  It is our honor to recognize those individuals in our association that have gone above and beyond in whatever way to make the fire/rescue service better.  We will recognize any individual that has served as a Captain or above for 5 or more years when they are no longer serving as an officer.  Most importantly we want to honor those that have served 50 years in the fire/rescue service.

Our Spring Meeting and Awards Banquet will be held at the Belgium Fire Station on Sunday the 29th of April.  The board of officers and representatives from Belgium Fire Department met.  We have many interesting items to share and two speakers to talk about their experiences in Texas following Hurricane. Assistant Chief Andy Wegner of Mukwonago Fire and Retired Lieutenant Mark Saurer from the City of Waukesha Fire Department will be sharing pictures and experiences helping brother and sister firefighters.

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