March 2022 Newsletter


As winter starts coming to an end, training sessions and conference start up.  Ron and Pete attend the Wisconsin Society of Emergency Services Instructors (WSESI) conference in Fond du Lac.  Pete was part of the NFPA 1403 preparing an acquired structure preparedness training.

NFPA 1403 states that any live burn training requires an Instructor with Emergency Services Instructor Level 2 certification and Live Fire Instructor In-Charge certification. You must have a credentialed Instructor in Charge approve your structure.

“The Badger Firefighters Association Training Committee is working with the WSESI to set up a class in fall for NFPA 1403 Live burn/ fixed structure, more information to follow,” reports Peter Manning.

Ron was among a very elite group of training officers from around the state.  The lead instructors for the Instructor Development was Jim Austad of the WSESI. Fox Valley Technical College and Town of Clayton Fire Department, John Austad of Sun Prairie Fire Department and David Briggs of Wausau Fire Department.  Many items were presented including creating an effective, involved training programs.  One of the take a ways was, we as training officer and leaders in our respective departments lead by our actions, the words we speak and our appearance to follow the standards required to be a safe and good firefighters.  As Training Officers we are mentors!

We are very appreciative of the Slinger Fire Department and its members for allowing us to use their station for our Basic Rapid Intervention Team Training.  We have an awesome corps of instructors to lead the learning process to make those in attendance safe and effective.

Reminder to our member departments to get your dues for 2022 fiscal year paid up.  We have 13 departments that have not paid their dues for this year.  We have sent out a reminder and hope these incidents were an oversight.  Our association is active in lobbying for legislation important to our operations and people.  We provide unique training opportunities, Recognition of those that have and continue to make a difference in their communities and much more.

Our Annual Spring Meeting and Award/Memorial Banquet is to be held on Sunday, April 24 at Beechwood Fire Department.  We will be holding a meaningful and unique memorial service to honor those members that have passed away in the past 12 months.  We will be forwarding forms for you to submit information about these hometown heroes.

We have and will send out forms to nominate your firefighter member of the year, EMS provider member of the year, heroism event whether civilian or first responder length of service and more.  The committee cannot recognize these people without the input from our members.  Please respond very soon.

One last final note, PLEASE take the time get a letter off to your local Wisconsin Assemblyman and to Assemblyman Robin Vos [] that he allow AB 308 be voted on to allow anyone receiving a state income tax refund can do a check off for a donation to the Wisconsin Fire & EMS Memorial.  This needs to be done.  The funds to support OUR memorial are a treacherous low level.  There is much being done by volunteers, however building maintenance, an addition to the Wall of Honor needs to be accomplished.

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