Presidents Newsletter – November 2018

Here we are at a month filled with excitement and great family times, NOVEMBER. We are in the midst of hunting season with the main event at the end of the month, Deer Hunting.  I pray that my brother and sisters can be safe and successful in the BIG hunt.

Also we have now completed the mid-term election cycle for state and national offices.  I will be happy not see or hear the negative, hate throwing ads.  I have a difficult time understanding why the campaign managers feel it necessary to downgrade their opponents and not promote what good their candidates can do.  NOW is the time for us in the fire service to get involved and promote legislation that will save property and lives and help maintain our volunteer and paid-on-call departments.  Reach out to our state senators and state assemblyman and explain to them why we are concerned.  One such legislation that died on Senator Strobel’s desk was legislation requiring sprinklers in buildings of more than 3 apartments/condos.  We as a collective effort need to impress on Mr. Dewey Strobel this is an important bill to save lives and property.  He can ask the Beaver Dam Fire Department what happens to apartment complexes without sprinklers!

One of my favorite times of the year is Thanksgiving.  As a country and as a society we have much to be thankful for.  We have freedoms like no other country, we have rights like no other country.  We have good food, safe water to drink, families that we can share time with.  Please take time to thank your family for allowing you to be a significant member of your community.  Thank your fellow members for all they do to help others and make your community safe.

We still have farm equipment working in the fields and traveling on the roads. Remember that when you are driving down the road and come upon a farm vehicle on the road, by state law, you are not allowed to pass if you are prohibited by the solid yellow line for No Passing Zone?  This law was changed in 2016 after it had been changed to allow for passing in no-passing zones.  The change was made in the interest of safety for all and the size of the agriculture vehicles in 2016.

Unfortunately we have not gotten expressed consent from the landowner to use his vacant house for advance RIT.  We will continue to reach out to him.  We have a half-day/evening training session coming in regards to explosion and fire of the apartment house in Beaver Dam after January 1.  Your training committee is working very diligently to provide programs that your people will benefit from as firefighters and fire officers.

Lastly, I was honored to be able to travel to the Final Alarm Ceremony in Wisconsin Rapids on Saturday, October 13th and read the names of our members that have passed away at them Memorial Program.

Again thank you to each and every one of that reads this newsletter for the many wonderful things you do for your community.

Striving every day to make positive ripples in the Sea of Life,

Ron Naab


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